Jeep TJ

We have Jeeps and more Jeeps, classics to TJ's, toss in a Chevy and VW, and who knows what else...

It is obviously Jeep season. Currently we have a 1979 classic in the garage that has been through the whole monty. Strip, disassemble, sandblast, prime, and paint with 2 colors inside and out. What a job but it is coming together nicely.

We also have had quite a few TJ’s come in here lately. Seems like they are sold before we begin work on them but that is alright. And we even had 2 of them sell just as we acquired them. I believe their is a shortage of good ones right now. Here are some pictures for you….

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Customer Jeep Wrangler is completed... Big Red Shines!

YES, we do customer Jeeps!

A customer had his old Jeep sitting in the garage needing some updates. He called on RestoRides to do an overhaul on it and bring it back to new condition. After gutting the vehicle and fixing all mechanicals, we went down the road of restoring her back to her original beauty. We replaced the worn out suspension with a small lift and overhaul, full springs and shocks and bushings, then overhauled the entire vehicle inside and out. He wanted the Red and Black theme, with a touch of chrome. and a nice top that he did not have to fool with the typical “frame’ tops. Take a look at how it turned out, she is looking good and performing even better. We do customer’s jeeps also, contact us for your jeep overhaul.

lonnie ext.jpg
Lonnie Seating.jpg
lonnie pass int.jpg

Black Beauty almost complete, who wants it?

We took a 2001 Jeep Wrangler and stripped it down to bare metal inside and out, checked out all mechanical and improved with updates and new parts, painted the entire exterior and interior, then put all new parts back into her. This is a 3.73 axle and 44 rear option Jeep, dang and it drives so smooth…. She will be coming available within the next week so take a look at our video on it on You Tube.