"RestoRides returns Cars | Trucks to their Original Glory. We are a custom auto restoration company in Wilmington NC for older classic cars and specialty cars, trucks & Jeep Wrangler CJ5, CJ7, YJ, TJ and Grand Wagoneer Models. "


Resto Rides is an auto restoration company located in Wilmington North Carolina that finds older classic cars and trucks, investigates these vehicles and their history, and if they meet the qualifications of becoming a RESTORED RIDE, will buy cars for sale, buy jeeps for sale, and buy trucks for sale. We then auto repair and auto service these vehicles, and fix them up with the latest and greatest conveniences returning them to their former glory. We will generally sell these cars and trucks to persons interested in reclaiming their old ride they had “back in the day”.  However, sometimes we have been known to hold onto them so you might find us cruising around town in one. If you have your own car Jeep or truck, we are happy to consult and work on your car under a restoration agreement stating exactly what you would like done, and do as little or as much and even in stages should you choose to do so over time.

We not only do full auto restoration, but also add modern conveniences and upgraded components to bring about the classic car or truck into the modern world.  Replacing body bushings and springs can make that old hard ride much softer for today's car enthusiast.  We do a lot of Jeep Wranglers for folks, and can jazz up or repair whatever you might need for Jeep Restoration to get your Jeep Wrangler ready for the summer topless season.  Whatever the need or desire, we aim to accommodate you in helping you to get your car or one of ours in the condition you desire. 



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